Our Story

4 AM Nation IS the backbone of this country. We are the dedicated individuals of the construction industry that rise each morning at 4 am and grind.

From new construction, turnarounds, outages, rebuilds, pipeline, offshore or where ever the job takes you, you are there, putting in the hours and doing what is necessary to provide for yourself and your family.

Day shift, night shift, or swing shift, it does not matter...you are kicking ass and getting it done. You don't have time for excuses or whiners, just get the job done and move on to the next one.

The Tip of The Spear

Each and everyone of you are The Tip of The Spear. You are out front, in the elements facing the dangers of your craft doing what it takes to get the job done as safely as possible but unfortunately not all of our brothers and sisters in the 4 AM Nation make it back home. Its a dangerous profession we are in but we face those dangers in order to provide for our families.